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Hello Friend!
Are you going to the show of David Getta? During the event, get from our promoter a festival card from FUIB bank and Mastercard payment system with very attractive terms.
get a card
  • Discounts on bar of the event from 10%.
  • Discounts for the purchase of tickets for the following recreational activities in partnership with FUIB and priority passage to the events without queues.
  • The opportunity to win steep prizes in the promos and draws from FUIB bank.
  • Discounts, bonuses and promo offers in the loyalty program Mastercard «Bilshe».
  • The ability to tie your card to Android Pay in your smartphone and enjoy the benefits of convenient usage when paying by a card.
  • Pay the utility bills on PayHub.com.ua online payment portal without commission.
  • Connect/disconnect the service of protecting your online payments 3D Secure in one click.
  • Track the history of your expenses and payments on PayHub.com.ua
  • Use it as an ordinary payment card on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Take advantage of fast and safe contactless payments at equipped points, for example, in the subway.
  • Pay contactless using your smartphone with Android Pay

StepApply to a promoter of FUIB bank during the event.

StepProvide your contact phone number, get a card and activate it.

StepReplenish the card in a self-service payment terminal.

January 28, 2018


International Exhibition Center

(15 Brovarsky Ave., Kyiv)
January 28 Kiev International Exhibition Center will host a solo show of the famous French musician, producer and DJ David Guetta.
Questions and answers
  • What is "Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card"?
    «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card» – a non-personalized, pre-printed card supporting contactless payment technology with the help of PayPass technology, issued by PJSC «FUIB» in cooperation with the International payment system Mastercard. Prepaid card is an instrument of access to the electronic wallet of the user of the PayHub.com.ua system, it is issued only in UAH and it can be used only on the territory of Ukraine.
  • What are the advantages of «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card»?
    - if you pay by a card in the IEC bar for drinks and food on the day of David Guetta concert, 10% discount will be applied
  • Where can I use «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card»?
    - the cardholder can pay by the card with the Mastercard PayPass contactless technology –buy drinks, food in one-touch at David Guetta concert; - pay in shops, at gas stations – everywhere, where there are payment terminals in the territory of Ukraine; - pay in Ukrainian online stores using the card details (Card number, validity period and secret code).
  • What is PayHub system and why I need it?
    Using the Prepaid card in PayHub you will be able to:
    - perform active operations, namely:
    - pay utility bills without commission;
    - make mobile replenishment, pay for Internet access services, and perform many other operations provided by the service;
    - perform P2P transfers from Prepaid cards to the card of any Ukrainian bank, incl. to another Prepaid card of PJSC «FUIB»;
    - manage Prepaid card settings in user’s personal cabinet:
    - lock/unlock the Prepaid card if necessary;
    - activate/deactivate the 3D Secure service;
    - view the history of transactions made using the Prepaid card.
  • How can I get the Prepaid card?
    An obligatory condition for obtaining «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card» is the availability of the client’s current mobile phone number of any Ukrainian telecom operators. You can get a card from a representative of FUIB, who locates in IEC on the day of David Guetta concert. The representative of the bank gives to the client «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass CFestival card» issued by PJSC «FUIB», registers the client in the PayHub system on the tablet – this will require a mobile phone number and «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card», as well as the full name of the client. The registration procedure takes no more than 3 minutes. At the same time, the client does not need to have any supporting documents. No passport and identification code. After registering the card, a 4-digit PIN code is sent to the specified mobile phone number of the client and the client can immediately use «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card». To begin with, it must be replenished, because «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card» is issued with zero balance. If the specified phone number is not available in the database of registered users of the PayHub system, in addition to the SMS with PIN code, the client is sent an SMS with password and login to the PayHub system.
  • How can I replenish the Prepaid card?
    You can replenish the card using the following ways:
    - without commission, with the help of P2P transfer from the card of any Ukrainian bank to the PayHub.com.ua service;
    - in the self-service payment kiosk (PTCS) of PJSC «FUIB»;
    - in a bank branch (Cash-in ATM, cash desk).
  • Are there any age restrictions for obtaining «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card»?
    The minimum age for obtaining a card is from 14 years.
  • What are the restrictions/limits on «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card»?
    According to the «Fan cards» (Prepaid cards)» the following limits are set:
    - the maximum amount for one-time replenishment of an electronic device – UAH 14,000;
    - the maximum balance for one electronic device – UAH 14,000;
    - the maximum debit turnover (payment of goods/payments at POS) for one electronic device – UAH 14,000 per week, but not more than UAH 62,000 per year;
    - withdrawal of cash in the cash desk and ATM of the bank – UAH 500 per day, but not more than UAH 4,000 per month;
    - transfer to another account – UAH 500 per day, but not more than UAH 4,000 per month;
    - limit of transfers to replenish the services of mobile operators – UAH 500 per day
    - if the card is lost, it is not restored;
    - the card is valid only on the territory of Ukraine;
    - 1 Prepaid card can be issued to one mobile phone number;
    - the maximum validity of the card – 3 years.
  • Is it possible to tie «Mastercard Prepaid PayPass Festival card» to the mobile phone number to which the Prepaid card of another product has been already tied (for example, Visa Classic prepaid stickers for Eurovision 2017/Fan card)?
    If the client already has a prepaid card for his mobile phone number (open for this or another product (for example, Visa Classic prepaid stickers for Eurovision 2017/Fan card), then the second card to this mobile phone number can not be tied.
  • How is the Prepaid card activated?
    Prepaid card is activated automatically at the moment of its registration on the employee's tablet, at the moment of activation of the Prepaid card, its balance is equal to 0 (zero). At the moment of the Prepaid card activation, the 3D Secure service is also activated. SMS messages with confirmation passwords for the service will be sent to the mobile phone number of the client specified when registering the Prepaid card.
  • What if a client lost the card or his mobile phone was stolen, and the Prepaid card too?
    First of all, it is necessary to apply to the line of the FUIB Customer Service Center by number +38044 290 7 290 and block the Prepaid card. After the Prepaid card is blocked, the client should contact the nearest service center of the mobile operator's office, which issued the SIM card with the mobile phone number and undergo the procedure for restoring the number. Important! Taking into account that Prepaid card allows contactless settlements in POS terminals of merchants with the help of Mastercard PayPass technology in the amount of up to UAH 100 without PIN code entry, in case of the card loss, the client should be recommended to contact the nearest branch of the bank in order to close the Prepaid card and withdraw the balance. On the day of appeal to the office, the client must have the phone number restored after theft, valid mobile phone number specified during registration of the Prepaid card.
  • What can I do with the Prepaid card when I call the FUIB hotline?
    -- block the Prepaid card;
    - disconnect/connect the 3D Secure service;
    -specify the remaining limit for transactions with the card in the context of all types of transactions available on the Prepaid card;
    - clarify the history of transactions with the card;
    The telephone number of the FUIB hotline +38 (044) 290 7 290
  • How can I get a PIN code for the Prepaid card?
    А PIN code for the Prepaid card is issued when a card is activated after registration of the Prepaid card on the employee's tablet and sent to the client by the bank in a SMS message.
  • Where can I learn about the tariffs of the bank for Prepaid cards?
    «Tariffs of the bank for Prepaid cards are placed in the General Basic Tariffs of Individuals for PJSC «FUIB» clients. You can learn them below in the section «Documents for downloading».
  • Does the card support international Internet operations?
    No, the Prepaid card is valid only on the territory of Ukraine.
  • How can I block the Prepaid card?
    Prepaid card can be blocked by the user – the Client independently in the personal cabinet of the user on the PayHub.com.ua service Also, the Prepaid card can be blocked by the employees of the hotline when a client applies to the hotline by number +38044 290 7 290.
  • Can I get a new card if the old one is blocked forever?
    - only after the closure of the existing Prepaid card (the account closes within 45 days). Important! To one mobile phone number, it can be «tied» – only one opened Prepaid card