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Can I get rewarded as an invited friend multiple times?

No, it is possible to receive a reward for opening a card by inviting a friend only once.

Will I be rewarded twice if I open a card on invitation, for example, close the card and open it again on invitation?

No, because in this case you, as a friend, have already received a reward as part of the offer.

Will my friend and I receive a reward for opening a virtual card in the FUIB Online mobile application?

Yes, the reward is paid both for opening a physical and a virtual card.

A virtual card is the same bank card with all its attributes (card number, expiration date, CVC, PIN code), but without the physical issue of plastic.

During what period, after fulfilling the conditions of the Promotion, will my friend and I receive a reward?

Payment of remuneration to the participants of the Promotion is carried out no later than 31 working days after the fulfillment of the conditions of participation in the Promotion

Will taxes be withheld from the award amount?

Yes. Taxes and fees in the amount of 19.5% are withheld from the amount of the award.

Additional reward income may result in the loss of benefits and subsidies.

What is the period of the Promotion?

The promotion is valid from 01.06.2022 to 31.05.2024.