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Credit Card soloMANDRY

  • Use the contactless premium card Platinum Mastercard
  • Buy any goods without interest up to 62 days
  • Сurrency exchange without commission all over the world
  • Free travel with insurance policy and privileges from Mastercard
  • Receive points for purchases under the Mastercard Rewards Program

Краща кредитна карта VIP 2

Credit Card soloMANDRY

With credit card soloMANDRY

  • Buy and pay in parts
  • Calculate the grace period
  • Travel in comfort
  • Mastercard Rewards
  • Specify the price of a purchase and the desired period of the "Splachui Chastynamy" service

    Your monthly fee

    Buying at the partner stores

    5 000 грн економія
    4 500* грн
    -30 UAH/mo.

    Buying at other stores

    5 000 грн

    Important! The amount of calculation is approximate.



    You will receive a card if:

    Your age

    You are

    is from 18 to 70

    a citizen of Ukraine

    You have:

    You have:

    the passport and TIN

    an official place of work, the last 3 months (including SEA) or You are a pensioner

  • Specify the issue date of Your contract
    10 numbers
    20 numbers
    29 numbers
    Beginning of the month 1 июня
    31 день на траты (осталось 20 дней)
    Today 10 июня
    Free using of funds
    Beginning of the grace period 1 июля
    Interest-free replenishment
    Repay the full amount of debt, and the interest will not be enrolled
    The last day of the grace period 1 июля

  • Take advantage PUMB worldwide!
    • no commission withdraw cash on credit at any ATM in the world
    • do not pay for currency conversion when shopping abroad
    • get travel insurance policy for 1 year package with a card
    • attend business lounge Mastercard Lounge airport "Borispol"
    • use discounts from partners around the world Mastercard

    *from July 2018, the required condition for usage of the lounge-zone and fast line by a customer is purchases in the amount exceeding 6,000 UAH for the previous 30 + 5 days. This means that transactions, made in the last 5 days before the flight, not considering the weekend, are not taken into account. Under this condition, the client will use the service, in the case of failure - the service, unfortunately, will not be available.

  • Mastercard Rewards

    Immerse yourself in a world of vivid impressions and gifts, along with soloMANDRY credit card. Receive points for each purchase, accumulate them and exchange for a variety of gifts and trips.

    How to earn points:

    • 50 bonus points for the first purchase
    • 1 point for every 20 UAH spent

    More information about Mastercard Rewards

Would you like to have the credit card soloMANDRY?

Paying the monthly payment on the credit is convenient
  • Without commission
  • With Commission
  • How to know the balance
  • In Internet-banking FUIB Online

    At ATMs of FUIB with cash-in function

    ATMs of FUIB transferring from the card to the card

    At the departments of FUIB

    On the website right now

  • PrivatBank, iBOX, self-service terminals*

    Other banks of Ukraine

    * Free of charge for credit accounts on which the rule of preferential repayment in partner PTCS is established.

  • In Internet-banking FUIB Online

    With help of SMS-banking

    With help of informational card with the requisites

    In offices FUIB

    On the hotline 044 290 72 90

    By credit card statements

Buy and pay in parts on favorable terms
  • At the stores
  • On the websites
We answer Your questions
Where can I pay my credit?

To find out where to pay the credit, click here.


To learn more about how to use the loan, join us in Viber.

How can I know the total amount of debt on my credit?

Find out the amount of debt You can in в Internet-banking at Your personal cabinet.


To learn more about how to use the loan, join us in Viber.

What is a credit card? Why is it necessary?

Credit card is a universal payment instrument, which is the key of access to a bank account and it, is intended to carry out payment transactions exceptionally at the expense and within the funds provided by the bank to a client as a set credit limit.


A credit card from FUIB will allow You to use the bank's money to pay for goods and services as well as for cash withdrawals. You do not have to postpone the purchase or the money on it. You can buy what You want, even if You don’t have a desired amount at hand, and You can return the used funds gradually or totally at any time convenient for You. Moreover, that is not all: the repaid amount will be available for using again every time.


FUIB offers the clients, the chip credit cards of international payment systems Mastercard and Visa, with the help of which You can freely make purchases and pay for services at any place where such cards are accepted, including in the internet and abroad.

How can I figure out the amount of the past due debt?

To get the information about the amount of the past due debt, amount of accrued fines and penalties You should call 0800 50 25 75 or 044 391 55 60.

What documents are required to draw up a credit card?

To draw up a credit card the following documents are required:


  • the passport of the citizen of Ukraine.
  • certificate of TIN assignment or a mark in the passport of the citizen of Ukraine about refusal from the assignment of TIN.

Is it possible to restructure the debt on my credit or get “credit holidays”?

For more information about the possibility of "credit holidays ", debt restructuring, and the list of required documents, please apply to a credit manager of FUIB department, which serves Your credit agreement, or call 0800 50 25 75.

What is the service of drawing up a purchase "Splachui Chastynamy"?

The Service "Splachui Chastynamy" – a partition of the purchase amount into equal parts (monthly payments), depending on the chosen term by a client and taking into account the accrued payments by the bank for using the credit funds and commissions for the service "Splachui Chastynamy".

How can I pay the debt on the credit if I am abroad?

You can pay for a credit in another country with the help of any bank where there is an account in UAH. Additionally, we inform that to make a payment on the credit, You can do it through the internet by using Internet-banking FUIB Online, Portmone, EasyPay services. To clarify the detailed information on Your credit is recommended to apply to the Customer Service Center: +38 044 290 7290.

What should I do if the card is lost?

If the card is lost, it must be immediately blocked. You can use the system FUIB Online or call the Customer Service Center +38 044 290 7290 and send an SMS-message to the number 4682 with the text "BlokNNNN", where NNNN - the last four digits of Your card number.

Where else can I learn more about the credit card?

You can contact the Customer Service Center by phone 044 290 7290 and ask the operator Your question.

How can I know the amount and date of the next payment on my credit or card?

You can see the amount of the next payment, as well as the schedule and payment history on the card at the personal cabinet in Internet-banking.


To learn more about how to use the loan join us in Viber.

Where can I buy, using the "Splachui Chastynamy" service and what terms of buying I can get?

In the PUMB partner stores:, 33 квадратних метри7sorokALL STARS, BODO, Bosch электроинструмент, Camelot, Cifrix, Comfy, Converse, DACK Центр, Everest Gym, iOn, iStudio, Fishki, Everest Gym, Kenwood-Shop, Kiddy Boom, Kilimanjaro, KupiCNuaLargo, MASTER, Merezhka, MOBI STYLE,  MOYO, Nike, PayHub, Ringoo, Rozetka, SAMSUNG, Smart Store, Sport LifeVeloGo, Vianor, Virtus fitness center, Vmtehnika, Vodafone, YABLOKi, Z-stores, АЛЛО,  Банк Гарячих Турів, Будмен, Буль-Буль, ВАШ ПАРТНЕР, ВістаВікна Корса, Ворона-Меблі, Вухо, Двери Белоруссии, Дека, Деталь, Домотехніка, Електродім, Елма Сервіс, Ельдорадо, Ельмарт, Епіцентр, Імперія Меблів, Каста, Кібернетики, Комп’ютерний Всесвіт, Крайт, КТС, магазин UP, магазин Джакузи, магазин Динамо, магазин Домотроніка, магазин Окна Сервис, магазини ФК Шахтар, МегаЛюкс, Магеллан, МАМАЛЮК, Мобижук, Нова Лінія, Опора, Оптика Зір, Орбіта, Офтальмологічний центр Печерський, Плазма, ПМП Техніка, Помаранчевий РОВЕР, Пульсар, Рем-Мебель, РОНА, Світ Малюка, Сімба, Сімейна Клініка, СмарагдСладкий сон, Сота Альянс, салон штор и люстр Анкара, Старт-99Строй Дом, Технікс, Техномаркет, Технопростір, Технотоп, Техно PLAZA, ТОПАЗ ювелірні вироби, Траверс, Projector, ТТТ, Туристическое агентство Happy Travel, Уголек, Уют мебельный салонФокстрот, ЦЕНТР КУХНИ, Цитрус, Школяр, as well as in online stores, 7sorok, All-ok, Comfy, BODO, iskraservice, iStudio, Kenwood-Shop, Kilimanjaro, Merezhka, MOYO, PayHub, PIXEL, Rozetka, SAG2009,​, Yellow, АЛЛО, БітКом, Ельдорадо, Дека, Каста, Киев Мебель, магазин Домотроніка, магазин ФК Шахтар, МАМАЛЮК, Нота Комфорта, Помаранчевий РОВЕР, Світ Малюка, Сімба,  Траверс, TTTУют мебельный салонФокстротЦитрус when you pay for the purchase over 500 UAH by the "VSEMOZHU" or "soloMANDRY" credit card you get the conditions for activating the service: the first 3 months – without fee; monthly fee – 3% of the purchase amount in the following months; term – 24 months.


2 The soloMANDRY card became the leader of the FinAwards 2018 in the nomination "The best VIP credit card". 5 leading Ukrainian banks participated in this nomination. During the assessment, such criteria as the complexity of the process of issuing the card, the cost of issuance and servicing, design, and processability were taken into account.

3 except the transactions in Payhub