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Працюємо для вас

The loan Vіlniy perehіd

to repay a loan of another bank on more favorable terms

  • Cash is up to 200 000 UAH
  • Pay only 2.5% monthly
  • Without insurance
  • No commission for early repayment
  • Money within 1 hour
The loan Vіlniy perehіd
«Vіlniy perehіd» works simply:

1. Apply to FUIB

Fill in an application on the website and/or visit the nearest branch with the passport and TIN

Get cash.

2. Repay the loan in another bank

Cash loan / loan for your own or relatives' goods.

3. Pay even less

Within 30 days after drawing the loan «Vіlniy perehіd», you need to bring a certificate to the FUIB bank branch about repaying the loan from another bank, and we will reduce the annual rate to 0,01%

Calculate the benefits of a credit

  • Select the desired amount of the credit:
    Your monthly payment BEFORE providing a certificate
    5 000 UAH
    Your monthly payment AFTER providing help
    5 000 UAH

    Important! The amount of calculation is approximate.


    You will receive a credit if:

    Your age

    You are

    is from 18 to 70

    a citizen of Ukraine

    You have:

    You have:

    the passport and TIN

    a permanent place of work and you receive a stable income during the last 3 months (including STI) or you are a pensioner

Do you want to get a credit?

Get a credit is easy
Draw up a credit
  • Draw up a credit
    Step 1

    Fill in the application form

  • Draw up a credit
    Step 2

    An operator will call You and ask some questions

  • Draw up a credit
    Step 3

    You will get an answer within 5 minutes

або просто розмістіть депозит онлайн у інтернет-банкінгу ПУМБ Online, якщо Ви вже є клієнтом ПУМБ

Fill in the application form
and we will call You back
Некоректно введений ІНН або Дата народження

I, as the subject of personal data, give consent unconditionally and without restrictions:

to keep, process and use my personal data to PJSC «FUIB», for the purpose of providing banking services, transfer to me other bank offers;

to transfer of PJSC «FUIB» with the right to process and use my personal data to third parties which are included on the contractual basis by PJSC «FUIB» in the process of client service, as well as the repayment of debts of the clients to PJSC «FUIB».

The volume of my personal data, processed in the database of personal data of PJSC «FUIB» is determined by PJSC «FUIB» in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine. 

Paying the monthly payment on the credit is convenient
  • Without commission
  • With Commission
  • How to know the balance amount or monthly payment
  • In Internet-banking FUIB Online

    At ATMs of FUIB with cash-in function

    At the departments of FUIB

    Remittance from the card to the card on the website of FUIB

    ATMs of FUIB transferring from the card to the card

    On the website right now

  • PrivatBank, iBOX, City24 self-service terminals*

    Other banks of Ukraine

    * Free of charge for credit accounts on which the rule of preferential repayment in partner PTCS is established.

  • In Internet-banking FUIB Online

         With the help of SMS-banking

    With the help of informational card with the requisites

Learn more about the credits with "People's banker"
How can I get a credit within 1 hour?

How can I get a credit without certificates?

Why should I insure when I draw up a credit?

How should I repay a credit properly?

We answer Your questions
Where can I pay my credit?

To find out where to pay the credit, click here.

To learn more about how to use the loan, join us in Viber.

Can I pay part of the amount or my whole credit preterm?

Yes, preterm repayment of the credit at FUIB does not include additional payments.


The monthly payment is automatically reduced, in case of partial preterm repayment. Pay Your attention that the partial preterm repayment does not relieve a borrower from payment of the next monthly payment.


In addition, You can repay the total credit ahead of the schedule.

How can I know the total amount of debt on my credit?

Find out the amount of debt You can in Internet-banking at Your personal cabinet.

To learn more about how to use the loan, join us in Viber..

Where can I draw up a credit?

You can fill in the application form for a credit on the bank's website, and a manager will contact You. You are able to draw up a credit at all departments of the bank FUIB. You can find the departments in Your city, with help of the link.

Is there any fee for preterm repayment of the credit?

Fee for preterm repayment (total or partial) will not be charged.

Can the interest rate on the credit be changed?

The interest rate is fixed and secured in the credit agreement.

How can I know the amount and date of the next payment on my credit?

The amount of the next payment, as well as the schedule and payment history on the card, You can see in the personal cabinet in Internet-banking.

To learn more about how to use the loan, join us in Viber.