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Get rewards for your purchases with cashback from PUMB!

Pleasant purchases bring large cashback if you are with PUMB and Visa. During May, choose one of six shopping categories, buy goods by a PUMB card for any amount and get a reward*.

Please note that the reward is different depending on the card you are paying with.  

Categories that participate in the promo:

Category 1 Credit card Debit card
Supermarkets and grocery stores 1% 1%
Cafes and fast foods 5% 1%
Restaurants 5% 1%
Category 2
Gas stations, car services, car service stations, tire and auto parts stores 2% 1%
Train, bus and taxi tickets 5% 1%
Trips in the subway (except for replenishment of the travel card) 50% 1%
Category 3

Hardware stores

3% 1%
Beauty, perfumery and household chemical goods stores 4% 1%
Utility payments (using the PUMB Online mobile application) 5% 1%
Category 4
Pharmacies 3% 1%

Beauty salons, medical clinics, incl. dental

4% 1%
Sports clubs 5% 1%
Category 5
Clothes 4% 1%
Footwear 4% 1%
Children's goods and toys stores 4% 1%
Category 6
Bookstores, stationery stores 10% 1%
Flower and gardening shops 10% 1%
Pet shops 15% 1%

*The maximum amount of reward is 500 UAH. An additional tax of 19.5% is withheld.

MCC codes identify purchase categories – this is the seller’s category code. They are provided to the point of sale by its acquiring bank.

The reward will be credited to your account until June 15, 2021

Learn more about the rules of the promo

List of codes of stores participating in the promo