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Provide Your valuables safe storage
and calmness for yourself

  • Security and absolute confidentiality of Your safe contents
  • You do not have to inform the Bank about the subject of storage
  • Without the consents of client (key) nobody can get the access to the contents of the safe
  • Specially equipped cabinet for work with the contents of the box
  • You can give the right to use the safe to another person by notarized power of attorney


Reserve a bank cell online
I need a safe with the certain size:
  • Small
  • Middle
  • Large
  • Pack of paper A4



    Electronic media


    Banknotes and coins


  • Case

    Large amounts of cash


  • Paintings, icons and other artwork


    Valuable things

    Archives of documents

    Family heirlooms

The addresses of branches with bank safes:
  • Map
  • List

Confidentiality of service (only the client knows what the storage object is)

Specially equipped zone for work with safe contents

Trustee may be entitled to use the safe deposit box

What can not be stored in the safe:

It is prohibited to store in the individual safe: 

  • Weapons
  • Armament and explosive materials
  • Drugs
  • Chemical, radioactive and flammable substances and materials



  •  Passport of a citizen of Ukraine
  • Certificate about conferring of the identification number
We answer Your questions
What documents are required to rent a safe?

You need only the passport of a citizen of Ukraine and the certificate about conferring of identification number.

Can other people have an access to my rented safe?

Only if You personally registered and gave to the bank an authorization on access to Your bank safe for this person.

Can a bank employee get an access to my safe during my absence?

No, this situation is excluded.

If you want to save money, jewelry, securities, works of art or family values, use the personal safe in FUIB. It is located in a specially equipped bank with electronic surveillance and 24-hour security. Other people will not have access to the valuables of an individual safe.

What can and cannot be stored

You can rent individual safes of different sizes:

  • small(for documents, securities, banknotes, electronic media and jewelry);
  • medium(for cases, bags, large amounts of money and various works of art);
  • large(for paintings, icons, antique, archive documents and other valuables).

Access to the vault is owned only by its renter. Allow to use an individual safe for other people can only through the services of a notary. Employees of the bank have no access to your valuables.

In safe depositories it is forbidden to store:

  • weapons and ammunition to it;
  • explosive substances;
  • drugs;
  • chemical, flammable and radioactive substances and materials.

How to arrange

To rent a place in the individual cell of the bank, come to a FUIB branch with the passport and identification code. You will be asked to choose the size of the safe and indicate the rental period. Telling what exactly you are going to store is not necessary.

After that, you will be given an office to work with the contents of the vault. To get the access to it and your valuables is possible only with a notarized authorization.

Advantages of individual safes in FUIB

Our bank provides the following benefits when working with an individual safe:

  • security: bank employees and other people do not have access to the safe, it is also impossible to disclose it;
  • confidentiality: the bank is not interested in cell contents;
  • access to the safe during the whole working day;
  • possibility of renting a vault for any term;
  • flexible price system, depending on the size of a safe and the rental period.

To find out the cost of using individual safes, contact the nearest FUIB branch.