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How can I download the Google Pay app?

Enter Google Play and input Google Pay in the search.
Download and install the application on your smartphone.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay - an electronic payment system developed by Google. The service allows you to pay for goods and services using a smartphone, tablet or smart watch running on the Android operating system (requires version 4.4 and above, as well as NFC support on the device). When adding a card in the application, a digital analog of the card is created - a virtual account (token).

Will a message appear when installing the Google Pay application that the device does not support this function, will it allow everyone to install it?

The Google Play Market may notify you that this device does not support this application. When you try to add a card to the application, you may receive a notification that the client has no NFC on the device or that the device is not secure (root access, etc.).

How can I add your card to the app?

Select the item «Add a card».

  1. Enter the card details (number, validity period and CVV2 - code, which is indicated on the back of the card).
  2. In the mobile application will be created digital analog of the card - VIRTUAL ACCOUNT or TOKEN.

How many PUMB cards can I connect to Google Pay?

The number of cards that can be added to the application is unlimited.

What cards can I connect to Google Pay?

You can connect any card of Mastercard or Visa from FUIB.

The service is temporarily unavailable for Visa Prepaid cards.

Will any amount be blocked on the account when registering the card?

Google is trying to block 6 UAH to check the card, but even if the blocking is not successful, the card will be added to the application. In case of blocking, the amount will be unlocked within a few minutes.

What data will you need to provide when registering, in addition to card data?

According to the prompts of the application (full name, address, etc.) The data is not checked (for Kyiv it is necessary to select KIEV City in the «Region» line).

How much does it cost to use Google Pay?

Any fees/commissions for using Google Pay are not charged.

What smartphones does Google Pay work on?

The application works on Android phones version 4.4 and above and have NFC enabled function. Google Pay is not supported on devices with open root-access.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) – a short-range wireless communication technology (up to 10 cm), allowing contactless data exchange between devices located at short distances: for example, between a reading terminal and a mobile phone or payment card.

How can I understand if there is an NFC function on my smartphone?

You can check an NFC adapter in your device using one of these methods:

1. The presence of the NFC logo on your device. 

2. The presence of Near Field Communication inscription on the battery of your device.

3. Using the device settings menu:
- Enter the settings menu of the Android device – in the «Wireless Networks» section, click «More ...» – you should see the NFC settings item.

How can I understand that I am able to pay this way in a store?

terminal must support the contactless payment function (usually, a terminal has the symbol   or Android Pay icon  ).

It is safe?

When you use your phone to pay in stores, Google Pay does not send your actual credit or debit card number. Instead, the transaction is carried out through the number of the virtual account (TOKEN) – the digital value that was assigned to your card when it was added to the application. When removing a card, the TOKEN is deleted from the application, if you decide to add the card to the application again; it will be assigned a new TOKEN number. If you add a card to several devices, the TOKEN numbers on different devices will be different. The TOKEN number can work only from the device to which it was installed. Thus, your card data is safe. Data security is guaranteed by the payment systems, cooperating and certified by Google.

Why is the design of the card in the mobile application different from the design of my physical card?

The card image is set by default and corresponds to the bank settings. The image may differ from the actual design of your physical card.

What should I do if my phone was stolen?

In case of loss theft of your mobile phone, you need to call the call-center by the number (044) 290-7-290, (050) 290-7-290, (068) 290-7-290, (093) 290-7-290 and report it. The call-center employees will block the VIRTUAL ACCOUNT (TOKEN), which is assigned to your card on your mobile device. Remember, that for security reasons, access to the mobile device should always be only using security means (device pin, graphic password, fingerprint verification, etc., means provided by your device). You can continue using the plastic card.
In case there is no possibility to contact the call center of the bank, block the card in any accessible way, it will be impossible to perform transactions on the VIRTUAL ACCOUNT (TOKEN). After locking the TOKEN, you can activate the card and continue using it.

Can payment be erroneously charged 2 times?

In point of fact, the Google Pay mobile application is the usual contactless card transaction. The cashier first enters the amount necessary for payment, and only then a card (phone) is applied, data is exchanged, a transaction is made. If you attach a contactless card (phone) to a reader who is not ready to work with it (the second time after making a purchase or simply to the reader without entering the amount of purchase) - the transaction or the second write-off will not happen.

A client has several cards of different banks, can they be attached? How can I choose which card will be paid?

You can add to the application cards only of those banks which have been certified for this service. In the application, you can install the cards which will be used by default (always the payment will be made by this card.) To make payment by another card, you need to enter the application and select a card which you would like to pay for the purchase.