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What is the limit for receiving confirmation codes and how long are they valid?

You can send a request for a confirmation code to activate the card three times.

Activation must be completed within the time specified in the SMS from the bank with a confirmation code. If this period has expired, the card will not be activated: it will need to be removed and added again.

Do I need to enter my card PIN when paying with a Smart Band?

The Smart Band is only a means for storing bank card data. The need to enter a PIN code depends on the settings of the POS terminal.

Is it possible to check the history of operations on the Mi Smart Band fitness bracelet?

On the details page of an activated bank card, there is a "History of transactions" icon. Click on it to open the corresponding page and view the history.

Only the last 10 entries from the transaction history are displayed.

How can I remove a bank card?

In the MiFit app, there is a delete button on the card details page. Click on it to delete the added bank card.

Will bank cards be saved after restoring factory settings on the Mi Smart Band fitness bracelet?

Before deleting the connection or restoring factory settings on the Smart Band fitness bracelet, it is recommended first to delete all linked bank cards. If you disconnect the Smart Band from your phone without deleting bank cards, these cards will be automatically deleted when you change your user account.

If the account does not change, the card data remains in the Smart Band.

What should I do if I have lost my Mi Smart Band fitness bracelet with added bank cards?

Delete cards in the MiFit app or notify the bank to delete/block cards

Can I manage cards on my device?

Open the program, go to the settings under Profile > Mi Smart Band device page > Smart Band settings and change the order of the cards.

How many bank cards can I add to the Mi Smart Band fitness bracelet?

Up to six bank cards can be added to the Smart Band.

When adding a card, it is recommended to keep the program in the foreground of the phone. If the card cannot be added, repeat the procedure. Do not switch to another program until the add process is complete.

What are the account requirements for using bank cards?

In order to protect data, to use bank cards, you need to log into the program using your Xiaomi account. If you are signed in with a different account, you will need to link or sign in to your Xiaomi account.

Difficulties with payment for fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 4 NFC?

Xiaomi has updated the NFC payment service for the Mi Smart Band 4 NFC fitness bracelet, follow the steps below, otherwise its functionality will be limited.


Update the Mi Fit app on Google Play or the App Store.

Choose Profile> Mi Smart Band 4 NFC Fitness Bracelet> Bank Card to delete the token and detach your bank card.

Re-attach your bank cards.