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Secure storage
Of your savings in PUMB

28 years on the market

We survived all financial crises, and our customers did not lose their savings even once.

85% of customers

Redeposit their funds in PUMB.


PUMB is in the TOP-7 of banks by the size of the deposit portfolio of individuals2.

5.75 billion UAH

In 2015-2018, PUMB paid out 5.75 billion UAH to investors of the other banks, as a regular participant of the Deposit Guarantee Fund.


PUMB is in the TOP-10 banks by financial indicators.

2 As of 01.01.2019, the Bank’s retail deposit portfolio is 16.48 billion UAH in equivalent.

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Learn more about the deposit with "People's Bank"
How can I choose a reliable bank?

How can I find a reliable bank?

Term deposits and preterm termination

How can I open a deposit online?

How can I renew the deposit?

How does tax on deposit work?

How can I place a deposit? What is the term of a deposit placing?

Can I withdraw the money from the deposit at any time?

What kinds of deposits are there?

Deposit — the money which the depositor transfers to the bank in order to make a profit. Profit is declared as an interest and it is formed in the course of financial transactions. For example, the money of a deposit can be issued as a loan for another client. The bank in this case acts as an intermediary, while simultaneously meeting the needs of both parties.

All deposits have a time limit — the final income of the depositor depends on it. By this time, it's better not to withdraw money — you will receive less. There are deposit tariffs «poste restante» &Mdash; the interest is less, but you can withdraw the money from the account at any time.

FUIB deposits

FUIB offers 4 deposit rates to choose from:

  1. «Pributkoviy». It offers the maximum rate — of 17.6%. The amount of the deposit can not be withdrawn or replenished ahead of schedule.
  2. «Spokiyniy». Deposit interest rate — 14.7%. Early termination is possible with the recalculation of interest on the basic rate of 0.01% per annum.
  3. «Vіlniy». The interest rate — 9.7%. You can make payments and make replenish using the card. The deposit interest rate is preserved.
  4. «Skarbnichka+». Additional option for any FUIB cards, except for the «Depositniy» tariff. Deposit interest rate — 12%. There is the possibility of free depositing and withdrawal of funds.

FUIB offers a deposit constructor — a special service that will help you to create an individual deposit online. You specify the main parameters: the amount of the deposit, the period, the possibility of withdrawing and depositing funds. The program calculates the interest of such a deposit plan and shows your final profit. With the help of the constructor you can estimate how much you will get from the existing tariff plans depending on the duration of the deposit.

How to draw up

The deposit can be drawn up only in a bank branch. To speed up the process, fill out the application form on the website and wait for the operator's call. He will appoint a branch where you will draw up a deposit without queuing.

To draw up a deposit, you need the passport and an identification code.


According to NBU statistics, FUIB is included in the top 10 banks for the total amount of deposits. 80% of all depositors re-apply to FUIB in order to place a deposit.

FUIB — participant of the Deposit Guarantee Fund. This means that if the bank is found insolvent, you still get your money.