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Receiving payments of individuals

  • Own processing center of FUIB, which guarantees quick payment
  • The history of your payments and the automatic sending of receipts
  • Iron banking system to protect against fraud
About us

Payments in FUIB – an online payment service from the bank. All the usual payments, more than 2 000 services, you can easily carry out in Internet banking PUMB online and PayHub instantly and without leaving home. And if you have already come out – then just from your smartphone.

Why should you choose our service among the others?

  • For registered users in PayHub, the payment of utility bills – free of charge, and templates of quick payments, payment history, automatic sending of receipts and more are available.
  • A reliable security system eliminates fraud.
  • First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) – a large and reliable bank which has been working in the Ukrainian financial market for more than 20 years and it is striving to provide its clients with high-quality banking services. It is one out of ten largest Ukrainian banks in terms of key financial indicators.

With the help of the payment service in FUIB you can quickly and safely pay for any services online:

  • replenish the mobile;
  • make a transfer from card to card;
  • pay utility bills;
  • pay for the Internet;
  • replenish electronic wallets in games;
  • purchase train tickets.

FUIB has passed a security  audit of the data storage BPC (Germany). And there are 7 such banks out of 150+. It's impressive!

The page on which you enter the data is on the bank’s server. The server of the bank - a real digital citadel.

TLS and SSL cryptographic protocols use asymmetric cryptography, symmetric encryption, and message authenticity codes.

3D Secure: a modern technology that provides an additional level of security for your card.

The anti-fraud system  ANTIFRAUD monitors the logic of payments.

Questions and Answers
What is PayHub? What are the opportunities of the service?

With the help of the payment service PayHub you can quickly and safely pay for any online services:


  • replenish the mobile phone;
  • make a transfer from card to card;
  • pay housing and utility bills;
  • pay for Internet;
  • replenish the electronic purses in games;
  • buy train tickets.

How can you guarantee the safety of my payments?

Payment security is guaranteed by a strict policy of the bank FUIB/ Payment is held via secure banking systems, and 3D Secure and SMS Control technologies exclude fraud and allow you to control each payment.

What payment methods are possible in the service PayHub?

PayHub service allows paying for services by all payment cards Visa and Mastercard of Ukraine banks. Make sure that your card has no restrictions on the operation on the Internet, or the maximum amount of payment. Please, apply the call center of the bank, which issued your card.

I need a receipt confirming the payment. How can I get it?

After making the payment you get a receipt on the specified email. The whole history of payments is available in “Personal cabinet” for the registered users. You can print out a receipt and show, in case of need, as a bank document.

How quickly will my payment be carried out?

Most of the payments come on account within a minute. In rate cases, it may take up to one day.