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Credit card VSEMOZHU Online

Credit card VSEMOZHU
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Credit card VSEMOZHU Online

Up to 62 days
grace period without overpayments for loan repayment
interest rate for the month after the grace period
Cashback up to 5%
the maximum amount of cashback per month is 500 UAH.
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Scan the QR code and download the app:
Get a virtual card in the FUIB Online application quickly!
2.99% monthly payment

from the amount owed and accrued interest for the use of credit funds (if available)

Up to 200,000 UAH

available credit limit amount

12 months

loan term with automatic extension


real annual interest rate


cash withdrawals and transfers from card to card at the expense of credit funds

Get a virtual card in the FUIB Online application quickly!

Step 1
Enter your phone number and verification code
Step 2
Choose the "vseMOZHU Online" credit card. Click "Continue"
Step 3
Get identified through Дія 
  • if you have the Дія application installed, submit your documents
  • if the Дія application is not installed, download it and log in using your foreign passport or ID card. After that, return to FUIB Online.
Step 4
Use the credit limit!
Scan the QR code and download the app:

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Save with cashback from FUIB

Connect cashback to FUIB Online
Scan the QR code and connect the cashback
Beauty salon— 3%
Cafes and restaurants — 3%
Products — 0.75%
Children's goods — 5%
Pharmacies— 2%
 Books and stationery— 5%
Sweets — 5%

Choose favorable conditions from FUIB

The maximum loan rate per month
3,40 %
3,10 %
Service fee, month
20 UAH
Withdrawal of credit funds
from 7 UAH up to 4%
Minimum payment, month
5%, min. 100 UAH (in case of overdue 10%)
4%, min. 100 UAH
Grace period
up to 62 days
up to 55 days
up to 62 days
up to 5%
up to 20%
Data in the table from the official web pages of banks, current as of June 22, 2022

Calculate the total cost of the loan

With the condition of withdrawing from an ATM and making payments in equal parts within 12 months without taking into account the grace period

Protect yourself and your card from fraudsters

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Pay a monthly payment for
credit card is convenient

  • No commission
  • With commission
  • How to find out the amount of the monthly payment
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    • * Комісія на внесення платежу через термінали самообслуговування партнерів ПУМБ - 0% для всіх клієнтів з 1 квітня по 31 грудня 2020 року.
    • In Internet banking FUIB Online

    • With the help of an information card with details

    • By number 044 290 7 290

    • With the help of Viber-bank

We answer your questions

  • This is a new credit card that can be issued in the FUIB Online mobile application, in just a couple of clicks, without leaving your home, as well as at any sales point of the bank. You will be able to evaluate all the advantages of a credit card, namely: making transfers, cash withdrawal operations (at the same time remaining in the grace period for up to 62 days), replenishing your mobile account and paying for utilities without commission, receiving cashback up to 5%. The virtual card is issued in the mobile application. If you wish, you can issue a plastic card by contacting a bank branch.

    • To apply for a credit card in the mobile application  FUIB Online  – have an offer from the bank for registration  credit card "vseMOZHU Online", be registered using digital documents in the Дія application if re-identification is necessary;
    •  For registration at Bank branches – have an offer from the bank for registration  credit card "vseMOZHU Online", have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, and a certificate of assignment of a personal identification number or a passport of a citizen of Ukraine with a personal identification number stamp.
  • In the mobile application of FUIB Online:

    • Download the FUIB Online application to your smartphone, the application is available in the App Store (for Apple) and Play Market (for Android)
    • Check if there is an offer for a credit card in the mobile application in the "Loans" section
    • If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions
    • Get verified through Дія (if necessary)

    At the bank's points of sale:

    • have a credit card offer
    • provide a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and a certificate of assignment of a TIN or a passport of a citizen of Ukraine with a TIN with a stamp or documents through Дія.
  • The new credit card is suitable for customers who often make purchases with the card using credit funds, make transfers and withdraw funds, because all transactions have a grace period of up to 62 days, and the commission for withdrawals and transfers of credit funds is only 2.99%.

  • Virtual card – it's a card in your smartphone or smart watch with NFC technology.

    • To pay for purchases in the trade and service network using Android-based gadgets, a virtual card must be added to the Google Pay application, for Apple-based gadgets - to Apple Pay.
    • For operations to receive cash, it is necessary to contact one of the FUIB branches to obtain a plastic card (add a link or a file with a list of branches)
    • To transfer funds, pay utility bills, top up your mobile phone, use the FUIB Online application.
  • By credit card number "vseMOZHU Online" can be replenished in:

    • In FUIB ATMs by transfer from card to card
    • In branches of FUIB
    • In internet banking and mobile application FUIB Online
    • In FUIB payment terminals
    • Transfer from card to card on the FUIB website
    • Self-service terminals of Privatbank, iBOX, Easypay, Globalmoney, City24, Sistema
  • Yes, you can contact the Bank branch and get a physical card.

    • Interest rate – 2.99% per month
    • Mandatory minimum payment – 2.99% of the amount owed and commission, interest (if any)
    • Commission for transfers and withdrawal of credit funds – 2.99% of the transaction amount
    • Grace period of 62 days - applies to all types of operations
    • Effective annual interest rate - 42.36%
    • Cashback up to 5%, the maximum reward amount is 500 UAH per month
  • In the mobile application in the "Details" section of the credit card.

  • The amount of cashback is up to 5%, which depends on the product/service category. The amount of cashback and the category may change every month.  The maximum amount of the reward cannot be more than 500 UAH . The reward can be withdrawn by the account holder independently to any selected hryvnia card. Cashback can be accumulated in the account and withdrawn to the card after any term upon reaching the minimum amount – 100 UAH.

    If the accumulated amount of reward is less than 100 UAH , then the button for withdrawing funds in the FUIB Online mobile application will not be available.

    A tax of 19.5% (personal income tax + military tax) is additionally withheld.

  • The grace period is valid for up to 62 days for all types of card transactions. A grace period is a period of using credit funds, during which, in case of full repayment of the debt at the end of the settlement period in the period until the payment date of the next settlement period, interest on the amount of the debt is charged at a preferential rate. In case of non-compliance with the specified condition – on the amount owed, from the date of the transaction, the amount of interest is recalculated at the standard interest rate.

  • The monthly payment must be made by the 28th/29th/30th of the month following the month in which the debt arose.

  • The monthly mandatory payment is 2.99% of the debt amount and accrued commissions and interest for using credit funds (if available), as well as the minimum equal payment for the "Pay in installments" service. (if available).

  • The increase of the credit limit is carried out at the initiative of the bank if the client regularly uses the credit limit and repays the debt in a timely manner.

  • Yes, you can contact the bank at phone number: +38 044 290 7 290 and leave an application for reducing the credit limit.

  • You can find out the total amount of debt in the FUIB Online application.

  • The amount, date and details of the calculation of the next card payment can be seen in the FUIB Online application in the "Details" tab.

  • If the card is lost, it must be blocked immediately. To do this, you can use the FUIB Online application or call the phone number: +38 044 290 7 290. You can get a new card instead of a lost one at a bank branch.

  • You can pay the debt in the FUIB Online application, or by using card-to-card transfer services on the Internet. You can clarify detailed information on your credit card in the FUIB Online application or by contacting the Customer Service Center at phone number: +38 044 290 7 290.