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FUIB provides payments in the procedure
squeeze out (forced redemption of shares).


The Beneficiary of the escrow account (a former shareholder with a shareholding of less than 5%) on any working day for three years from the day of commencement of payments can receive cash in any FUIB branch all over Ukraine.


For this, the Beneficiary:

1. Contacts a FUIB branch. 

2. Passes verification, identification on the procedure of financial monitoring within the requirements of NBU



At a FUIB bank branch signs the «Application for payment of funds from the escrow account» and provides:

  • passport
  • TIN
  • documents which confirm changes in personal data/unlocking, if such changes are not reflected in the list for payments which the Bank received from the Joint-Stock Company.

Before applying to the branches of Mariupol city, register for a convenient time in the electronic queue.

Legal entity

At a FUIB bank branch signs the «Application for the payment of funds from the escrow account»


Payment of funds occurs when the beneficiary's personal data are fully matched with his data in the list for payments received from the Joint-Stock Company. 

The list for payments may contain non-actual personal data, if previously the Beneficiary, when he was a shareholder, did not apply to the Depository Institution, where an account in securities was opened for him.

The Beneficiary to determine the list of additional documents required to receive payments in FUIB, must know the information about his personal data on his account in securities. To clarify this information from the shareholder register, the Beneficiary has the right to apply to the Joint-Stock Company on the contact details specified in the «Contacts» section.

Check the start date of payments for the promos (up to the date of commencement of payments, there is no information in the FUIB branch)

Enter the name of the Joint Stock Company
A public irrevocable requirement is announced
Payout start date
Contact information on the issues of personal data declared by the Joint-Stock Company in the list for payments, according to which the funds will be paid