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Pay instantly and contactless

Choose contactless payments and pay as simply and securely as possible. All you need is just to bring a contactless card, smartphone or gadget with NFC to the terminal and your purchase is paid.
Pay instantly with Apple Pay

How can I connect Apple Pay?

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    • Open Wallet and click  plus
    • Pay instantly with Apple Pay. Instant contactless payments.
    • Aim the gadget's camera so that the card is in the frame and scan its front side. Or enter the data manually and then click “Next.”
    • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. If the system asks to add a card that you use with iTunes, cards on other devices, or cards that you have recently deleted – select them, and then enter the code of the card you have chosen.
    • Click “Next.” The bank will check the information and decide if you can use your card with Apple Pay. If the bank needs more information to confirm the card, the system will ask you to enter additional data; the necessary prompts will appear on the screen.
    • After your bank or issuer confirms your card, click “Next.” Your Apple Pay is ready to use.
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    • Click on the required card in the "Cards and accounts" section
    • Go to the card settings by clicking on the wheel on the right.
    • Select the "Apple Pay Settings" option.
    • Click "Add to Apple Wallet."
    • Then select "Next".
    • Read the service use agreement and, if you agree, click "Accept".
    • Click "Done" - you can now return to the card settings. If the card was added correctly, it will be displayed in the settings, section "Cards and accounts".

How can I use Apple Pay?

  • If you have an iPhone, you can use Apple Pay wherever there are contactless terminals, indicated by the symbol:  pay
  • With the help of Apple Pay, you can pay in shops, restaurants, taxis, vending machines, and many other places.
Payments using iPhone with Touch ID
  • To use the default card, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor.
  • Hold the top of the iPhone a few centimeters from the proximity reader until the display shows “Done” with a checkmark.
Payment using iPhone with Face ID
  • Double-click the side button, look at the iPhone to authenticate with Face ID, or enter a passcode to use the default card.
  • Hold the top of the iPhone a few centimeters from the proximity reader until the display shows “Done” with a checkmark.

Apple Pay benefits

It's super comfortable
Pay instantly and contactless is almost magic.
Confidentiality guaranteed
No one will ever know what transactions you have made using Apple Pay.
It works offline
Withdrawing credit cash in all ATMs**

I can do everything with Apple Pay!

Connect "vseMOZHU" card and enjoy contactless payments

We answer your questions

  • The Wallet (Apple Pay) application is available for iPhone (version 6 and above), MacBook Pro, iPad or Apple Watch smartwatches; no download or install of the application is required.

  • Open the Wallet application Click "+", and then "Continue." Scan the front of the card with the camera or enter the data manually. Agree to the terms of usage and enter the confirmation code received in the SMS. You can also connect your card using the PUMB Online mobile application. Pay easily with Apple Pay.

  • In a shop:
    IPhone 6 and up:
    Bring the IPhone to the terminal by placing your finger on the Touch ID.
    iPhone Х:
    Double-click the side button. Wait until Face ID recognizes your face.
    After that, bring your phone to the terminal.
    Apple Watch:
    Double click the side button and attach the watch to the terminal.
    In the Internet:
    To pay for purchases online, choose Apple Pay as a payment method and hold Touch ID or use Face ID.

  • Absolutely.

    • When you pay with Apple Pay, the transaction does not involve your card number, but the token number — the digital value that was assigned to your card when it was added to the Wallet payment application.
    • Apple also does not have access to the transactions or card information.
    • There is no need to download third-party applications to use Apple Pay - Wallet is always in your gadget.
  • All devices easily support 8 cards simultaneously. On the Apple Watch Series 3 or later models, as well as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or later models, you can add up to 12 cards per device.

  • You can connect any Mastercard and Visa card, except Prepaid cards.

  • Go to iCloud, to remove or suspend the digital version of the card by yourself. Or contact PUMB customer service and we will suspend operation of the digital analog of your card. You do not need to block your payment card!