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"Moneybox+" deposit

Easily accumulate funds and earn up to 7% per annum

Minimum amount
From 0 UAH
From 0 UAH
Interest payment
At the end of the term add% to the deposit

What is the deposit income you receive?

7 000
7 000
7 000
7 000
7 000
7 000
you will receive:
Deposit amount
300 000 uah
Income after tax
10 000 uah
The amount of taxes
54 uah
Income before tax
278 uah
Interest rate after tax
5.8 %

The calculations are approximate. They are indicated without taking into account the loyalty program.

The calculation does not include the cost of servicing "Black Platinum" card packages (500 UAH/month or 0 UAH subject to transactions totaling 10,000 UAH or 5,000 UAH annually) and "Premier" (1,000 UAH/month or 0 UAH subject to transactions totaling 30,000 UAH or 10,000 UAH annually).

Deposit interest rates

  • Currency
    Minimum amount
    12 mo.3
    from 0 UAH
    3Under the term of 12 months is meant placing a deposit on 367 days.

The deposit conditions4

  • ✓
    Interest payment
    At the end of the term add % to the deposit
  • ✓
    Partial withdrawals of funds
    Not provided
  • ✓
    Deposit payment
    At the end of the deposit term (capitalization on the deposit account)
  • ✓
    Automatic prolongation
    It may be activated or deactivated
  • ✓
    Yes, up to 1 000 000 UAH
  • ✓
    It may be activated or deactivated
    It may be activated or deactivated

Наші менеджери допоможуть Вам з вибором депозиту

Зателефонуємо протягом 2 хвилин

PUMB – a reliable bank for keeping your savings

  • Reliable bank for 30 years
    For 30 years, we have never canceled deposit payments or any other payments. PUMB has the highest (rating "5") deposit reliability rating5
  • One of 5 banks,
    authorized to store cash of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • 80%6 customers
    redeposit in FUIB
  • TOP-67
    FUIB is in the TOP-67 banks by the size of the deposit portfolio of individuals
  • Over 6 billion UAH
    In 2015-2022, FUIB paid over 6 billion UAH to depositors of insolvent banks as a guarantee bank of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • Reliable bank
    FUIB takes the 7th place8 in the ranking of the most reliable banks
5 According to the "Credit-rating" rating agency as of 28.10.2021
6 Information as of 01.06.2022
7 Information as of 01.05.2022 according to statistics from the official website of the NBU.
8 The information as of 01.01.2022 for the period January-December 2021 according to the statistics of the official website of the NBU.

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1 It means 7% per annum. The specified interest rate before tax on the "Moneybox +" deposit in UAH is a term of placement of 367 days.
2 The repayment of any deposit amount is possible only through early termination of the deposit agreement with interest recounting at the base rate of 0.01% per annum.
4 deposit is provided as part of a package of services in conjunction with a service for automatically transferring funds from a card account to a deposit. The terms of the Loyalty program DO NOT cover the “Moneybox+” deposit.
JSC "FUIB". Gos. Register of banks No. 73 dated 12/23/1991 NBU banking license No. 8 dated 10/06/11.