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Appeal and safety
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You have foreseen everything.
But have you insured yourself?

COVID-19 coronavirus insurance covers home treatment and remote consultation of highly qualified doctors.

Compensation up to 20,000 UAH

Principal insurance conditions

The Amount of insurance

20 000 UAH

The Age
of the beneficiary

from 18 to 70 years old

The insurance

450 UAH for 3 months or 900 UAH for 6 months

Drawing up
an Insurance policy

and applying for a payment — ONLINE!

The covered risks

home treatment or hospitalization in case of illness and death for any reason

The insurance policy
validity period

3 months or 6 months
with the possibility of extension

Advantages of insurance:

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    Telemedicine service, which includes:

    • round-the-clock medical support, incl. due to the disease COVID-19;
    • consultations, without limiting the number of medical advices, with doctors of more than 20 specializations;
    • a full doctor's appointment (consultation, medical report, etc.);
    • personal account, where medical documentation and the entire history of appeals are stored.
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    A simple procedure for determining the amount of insurance payment:

    • in case of hospitalization or home treatment for COVID-19 – 300 UAH for each day of treatment;
    • in case of a lethal case – 10,000 UAH.
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    Payment both for inpatient treatment and for outpatient (home) treatment.

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    A simple and quick procedure for obtaining an insurance payment – the ability to provide scanned copies of documents via Viber or email

Submit your application

we will call you back and provide detailed information, аas also sign an insurance policy remotely.
Applications registered before 4 pm (UTC+3) of the current working day are reviewed the same day. Applications registered after 4 pm (UTC+3) and / or during weekends or holidays will be reviewed during the next business day. If there were more than 2 holidays and / or days off, the application can be considered within 2 working days.
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Questions you might have

    • What insurance companies does the bank cooperate with in terms of insurance under the Anti-Virus program?

      arrow right PJSC "UASK "ASKA-LIFE"
      arrow right ARX LIFE IC ALC
    • What are the age limits for an insurance contract?

      An insurance contract can be signed for an individual aged from 1 to 70 at the date of the insurance contract execution.

    • What risks will I be insured against under the Anti-Virus program?

      “Hospitalization” — inpatient treatment in a clinic or hospital being a result of disease progression due to one of the listed diseases or their combination: pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, acute respiratory failure that arose as a result of lung damage by bacteria or viruses, including SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses (COVID-19), type A influenza virus (H1N1, H5N1 and other serotypes), B, C; meta-pneumovirus, parainfluenza virus (summer flu) and others.


      «"Death for any reason" that occurred as a result of an accident or illness that requires outpatient, inpatient or mixed treatment, provided that this accident or illness occurred (was discovered) during the term of this Agreement and is confirmed by documents issued by competent authorities (medical institutions) in the manner prescribed by law.
    • Is it possible to sing an insurance contract for a health-care professional?

      Yes. In addition, we highly value the daily work of medical workers and therefore provide the opportunity to draw up an insurance policy with a 40% discount. Our manager will provide you all the details if you submit an application on the website with a note "I work in the healthcare sector."

    • Is it possible to draw up an insurance policy for a third party?

      Yes, it is possible. To do this, you need to know the first name, last name and patronymic (optional for non-residents), individual tax number (optional), address of actual residence, third-party telephone number and email address.

    • Is it possible to insure a non-resident?

      Yes, if you have a residence permit in Ukraine and an identification code (individual tax number).

    • Does the insurance contract start to act the next business day after I make my premium payment?

      Yes, the Contract shall enter into force the day after the premium insurance payment has been paid. But do not forget about the waiting period after the payment within the insurance cover actually begins. According to insurance contracts of PJSC "UASK ASKA-LIFE", this period is 3 days, and under insurance contracts of ARX LIFE IC ALC it is 14 days.

    • Do I need to undergo a medical examination or have a health certificate before applying for insurance?

      No, you do not need to have a health certificate or undergo a medical examination of any kind.

    • If I am already insured at work, then I can not sign another insurance contract?

      In fact, you can, as these are different products. They can be used both together and separately. In our experience, these products can complement each other quite well.

    • Is it possible to get the payout if a patient with pneumonia is treated at home?

      No. An insured event is only inpatient hospitalization in a hospital. Treatment in a day hospital without a full stay in a hospital or clinic is an exception under the terms of the Agreement.

    • Is insurance compensation possible if the risk event occurs 2 or more times (reinfection) during the insurance period?

      During the validity period of the Agreement, no more than one case of hospitalization of the Insured Person may be recognized as an insured event.

    • What are the payout terms if 2 insured events occur consecutively? For example, hospitalization and death?

      In this situation, the insurance benefit is paid for each risk event separately. In the first case, the payout recipient is the insured person, in the second case -—the heirs of the insured person.

    • The "Hospitalization" risk payout is possible only after recovery and hospital discharge?
      What hospitalization certificate is needed to claim the event?

      Yes. This should be an extract from the medical record of the patient, which indicates the full diagnosis, the date of disease and hospitalization, as well as the treatment provided.

    • For what reason can they refuse to pay insurance?

      arrow right For "Hospitalization" risk event:
      If hospitalization has occurred due to any other reason than pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, or acute respiratory failure due to lung damage by bacteria or viruses, including COVID-19.
      arrow right For "Death for any reason" risk event:
      • driving a vehicle or commission of acts in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication;
      • committing deliberate actions resulting in an accident;
      • suicide of the Insured Person or attempted suicide;
      • death of the insured person, directly or indirectly caused by mental illness;
      • war, armed conflict, terrorist acts, riots or strikes;
      • commission or attempted commission of a crime by the Insured Person.
    • Is the insurance company paying for the drugs in case of illness?

      The insurance company pays a specific sum to the client’s account, which he can use at his own discretion — for example, to buy medicines, pay for tests, medical advice, etc.

    • How fast does an insurance company pay out the insured sum?

      • the average payment period - 7 working days.

    • When an insured event occurs, where should I apply?

      Depending on the insurance company you have chosen, in case of an insured event occurrence, you should outreach the following contacts:
      arrow right PJSC "UASK "ASKA-LIFE":
      Consultations on insurance payments applications by phone:
      +38 (044) 492-8-492
      Documents for granting the insurance payments should be sent via mail to:
      03186, Kyiv, st. Aircraft Designer Antonov, 5,
      you can also provide scanned copies via e-mail:
      [email protected],[email protected]
      or send a photo via Viber by phone:+38 (093) 361-60-16.
      arrow right ARX LIFE IC ALC:
      Consultations on insurance payments applications by phone:
      +38 (044) 390 72 86
      0 800 30 27 23 free in Ukraine
      272 from your mobile
      Documents for granting the insurance payments should be sent via mail to:
      04070, Ukraine, Kyiv, st. Ilyinskaya, d. 8
      you can also provide scanned copies via e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]