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Fraud protection

Financial fraud protection service
Fraud protection

Fraud protection

Financial fraud protection service
Your opportunity to return money to your account if thieves take it.

Basic conditions

20,000 UAH
Maximum coverage amount
200 UAH
Cost per year
12 months
The service validity period

The ability to return funds quickly in case of their loss due to fraudulent actions of criminals.

The insurance contract is valid for an unlimited number of payment cards attached to your account at PUMB

Insurance against all common types of fraud with bank cards and bank accounts according to NBU.

For whom created "Protection against fraud» insurance

Our systems are well protected, but thieves are very resourceful and can mislead you. This can happen to anyone:

Paying on fake websites or unknowingly transferring funds to criminals
Transferring funds to a fraudster's account or unknowingly transferring funds to criminals.
Withdrawal of funds by fraudsters from a lost or counterfeit card.
Scammers' access to PUMB Online using a duplicate SIM card, etc.
"Protection against fraud" service will allow you to return the money easily in all of these and many other cases.
Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud independently
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How to get an
insurance payment

Immediately block the card if you suspect fraud in PUMB Online or by phone. +38 044 290 7290
(Cost according to operators' tariffs)
Contact the police
report on the fact of fraud;
get the number where your appeal is registered;

get an extract from URPI (Unified register of pre-trial investigations).

Contact PUMB
write a statement about an unauthorized transaction;
write a statement to the insurance company;
provide the number by which the appeal is registered;
provide a copy of the extract from URPI.
provide a copy of the extract from URPI PUMB branch
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We answer your questions

  • Risks: social engineering; illegal payment from a card account in a trade and service network on a lost or stolen card; skimming, farming, vishing, phishing; illegal transactions on the Internet/mobile banking; payment from a card without confirmation of the SMS password.
    Detailed information about the safety of your funds is here.


  • The decision to pay or refuse to pay occurs only after considering each case individually. For each case, the Bank's security service conducts a review and draws up an Act. The main reasons for refusal can be:

    •  confirmed fraudulent activities on the part of the Customer (for example, the collusion of persons to disclose confidential information);
    •  the insurance indemnity is not paid if the insured event occurred within the first 7 (seven) days from the date of entry into force of this Insurance  Agreement unless the Insurance Agreement was executed simultaneously with the Policyholder's opening card account.
    •  Gross violations of the rules for safe handling of bank cards and violation of the deadlines for notification of an insured event's occurrence.
    • The whole world, except for the zones of military conflicts, the territory of the implementation of measures to ensure national security and defense, repulse and contain the aggression of the Russian Federation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which are carried out through the operation of the Joint Forces, temporarily occupied territories (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol) or settlements on the territory of which the state authorities temporarily do not exercise their powers and those that are located on the line of contact, according to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 07.11.2014. No.1085-r in the version in effect at the time of the insured event..

  • PJSC "VUSO" is a debit and credit card partner; you can learn about the offer at the link; license.
    PJSC "PZU Ukraine" – by credit cards, you can learn about the offer by the link; license.

  • Under the terms of the agreement, the account and all cards issued and reissued to it are insured for a period of 12 months from the date of the insurance agreement.

  • An insurance agreement can be drawn up for accounts and cards in hryvnia and other types of currencies.

  • To draw up an insurance agreement, contact the nearest PUMB branch with a passport and a code. You must have a bank account. You can open a "vseKARTA" debit card and/or a "vseMOZHU" credit card if it is not there. You will be able to draw up a "Protection against fraud" insurance agreement. Pay the cost of the service conveniently:

    • Follow the short link that will come in SMS/Viber from PUMB
    • Using the PUMB Online Internet bank
    • In payment terminals or cash departments of the Bank
  • You can learn about the template of the IC "PZU Ukraine" agreement by following the link. Public offer.

    You can learn IC "VUSO" agreement template by following the link. Public offer.