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Fast and reliable transfers around the world

From November 15, 2021, to February 15, 2022, there is a campaign "Wintertime with Ria" for transfers to Georgia, as well as for receiving transfers from any country in the world in PUMB with RIA.

The detailed information is here

  • A wide network of service points around the world.
  • High speed of delivery of the transfer to anywhere in the world – the transfer can be received in 10 minutes after sending at any service point within the country to which the transfer was sent.
  • Saving money for the duration of the trip (the ability to transfer in your name).
  • Favorable tariffs for sending money transfers.
(*– за умови встановленого середньомісячного залишку, у будь-якому тарифному пакеті)

Ria money transfer system is a world leader in the provision of money transfer services

Ria Financial Services was founded in 1987 and today provides services in 165 countries and more 500 000 locations. With Global Headquarters in California, USA, Ria has various hubs and offices covering each continent.

How Ria works


Step 1

Tell the operator the details necessary for sending the transfer in accordance with the requirements of the Ria system and present a document proving your identity (if you need to confirm the sources of funds origin, you must also provide supporting documents)


Step 2

Provide the amount of the transfer and pay the cost of the sending services


Step 3

Get the control number of the transfer, tell the recipient along with the name of the system and the amount of money sent


Step 1

Provide the operator with the control number and other required details of the transfer in accordance with the requirements of the Ria money transfer system and present your identification document


Step 2

Receive funds

The terms of money transfer implementation
  • Operations with the money transfer system are carried out on behalf of and in favor of individuals in compliance with the laws of Ukraine, in particular in the field of preventing and counteracting the legalization (laundering) of income from crime, the financing of terrorism and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as the rules established by Ria payment system.
  • The procedure for conducting operations on the transfer of foreign currency is determined by the Regulation on the implementation of operations with currency values, approved by the Resolution of the NBU Board No. 2 of 02.01.2019.
  • Payment of the fee for the transfer of funds is carried out at the expense of the sender of the transfer and it is charged in UAH at the NBU rate applicable on the date of sending the transfer, according to the tariffs of the transfer system, which are the same for all participants in Ukraine.
  • Sending transfers outside Ukraine is carried out in US dollars or euros. The sender must indicate the currency in which the transfer will be paid to the recipient (US dollars, euros or the national currency in which transfers can be paid in the destination country).
  • Payment of transfers received from abroad to Ukraine is carried out in US dollars or euros (in the currency that was indicated when sending the transfer).
  • If the currency of sending and paying the transfer is different, then when converting the currency of the transfer, the exchange rate set by the Ria payment system is applied. The currency exchange rate is brought to the attention of the sender/receiver during the transfer/transfer payment.
  • Money transfer is available for payment at any Ria system service point in the country of destination within 21 calendar days from the date of dispatch.
The additional information
  • The payment institution of the Ria payment system is CONTINENTAL EXCHANGE SOLUTIONS, Inc., It operates under the name Ria Financial Services ("Ria") with the registered office: 7001 Village Drive, Suite 200, Buena Park, California 90621 U.S.A.
  • You are able to get information about the list of participants in the Ria transfer system, the location and operating hours of the nearest service points, view the tariffs for sending transfers on the system website:
  • Information regarding the service points of JSC "PUMB" registered in the Ria transfer system, as well as the mode of their operation, are available in the "Branches and ATMs" section.
Settlement of disputes
  • All disputes arising between participants and users of the Ria money transfer system (senders and recipients of money transfers) should be resolved through negotiations, as well as in a judicial proceeding in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Map of branches

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